Why the 6th form?

Year 12/13 Ysgol Glan Clwyd – The only place to succeed… The only place to develop your full potential

Career aspirations and why?

Have you considered the lack of Welsh speakers in your chosen career?  Or…  Have you considered the career possibilities that exist through the medium of Welsh?

Your Welsh qualifications are a clear advantage for employers and offer a higher salary scale

The Welsh Government’s target to have one million Welsh speakers means that businesses will have to favor Welsh speakers

More and more counties put the Welsh language as essential for positions within the authorities


I’m worried that I’ll be behind her at University on a course through the medium of English? How can I be a confident man in a Science or History course through English when I have done everything through Welsh at school.

Simply put, Ysgol Glan Clwyd pupils from all linguistic backgrounds have succeeded in English-medium Universities.

If you go to University cities in Britain you will find that you are part of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural community. The fact that you have two languages will make you an integral part of this community.

Thousands of students come from abroad to follow English-medium courses in Britain after they have received their secondary  education in other languages.

Research evidence proves that bilingual students learn and develop flexible minds that are creatively strong.

Most countries in the world speak more than one language – this is not an unusual situation. Think Canada, South America, Australia


Which subjects are you considering?

Glan Clwyd’s A-level  results are solid in every subject.

A Level is appealing when looking for future work because it shows ability across several subjects and skill sets

There is a risk in choosing 1 subject at College rather than 3 or 4 subjects at School as you restrict yourself a little to soon.

Why Ysgol Glan Clwyd?

Staff care and give you continuous support

It’s a privilege to be in the 6th form and a part of the YGC Family

With maturity comes new rights and you are the new pupil leaders of the school 

Continuous investment in resources.

For September 2023 we plan:

• Rebranding the sixth form as a specific area for the school’s older students.

• Investment in new furniture for the common room

• Ensure suitable and up-to-date resources in the work room

• Develop the 6th form  garden as; that there is a shelter and more resources to be able to sit outside

• Everyone will take a fob like the teachers to get in and out of the building

You know staff

Staff know you – they know how much they can encourage/push you on!

Relationship with staff; developing/adapting and many of the current and past 6th like this.

The success of learners in gaining a place in colleges and universities especially compared to the colleges

Welsh language skills and the success of learners who have seen it easy to move forward with a career being in Welsh or English.

But I get EMA money if I’m at College!

If you are eligible for EMA money then you would be able to claim it here at Ysgol Glan Clwyd too!

The Future for you?

Will your children learn and speak Welsh?

How often will you speak Welsh if you are at  another organisation?

A number of adults have stated that they have lost confidence in their ability to speak Welsh after leaving Welsh medium education at sixteen – will you lose your confidence?

I studied Geography, Mathematics and Physics at A level, which were instinctive choices for me at the time as I had a keen interest in the natural world. Like many students at Ysgol Glan Clwyd, English was the language spoken at home, but after over a decade of Welsh-language education, doing my A levels in Welsh was a natural decision. I really enjoyed my final two years at Ysgol Glan Clwyd; the school naturally fosters a sense of community, and the sixth form group was particularly close-knit. It’s this I look back on most fondly.

After A levels, I went on to study geophysics at UCL in London, and although challenging at times, the course has been incredibly rewarding. The earth sciences are a research-intensive field, and I’ve enjoyed completing project-based pieces of coursework as they’ve always felt relevant to actual research that goes on in our department here at UCL.

I recently handed in my dissertation, which I enjoyed researching and writing. Looking back, completing the Welsh Baccalaureate alongside my A level choices gave me a real advantage when writing research projects at university, as it gave me early experience in undertaking independent research. The process of writing a major piece of work in Welsh, with information derived predominantly from English sources, also really helped to develop my research skills, particularly in gleaning and summarising important bits of information from scientific papers. In fact, I can’t say doing my A Levels in Welsh has ever been detrimental to my studies here in London, although, there have been a few occasions where my brain can only seem to find a word in Welsh, much to the bemusement of my monolingual peers!