Learning Programmes

New Learning Programmes were introduced in September 2017. The Programmes have been created to give attention to the pupils learning skills and their cross-curricular skills in relation to the different subjects. They give the pupils opportunities to develop their skills which is vital for the world of work and lifelong learning. The Learning Programmes respond to the Curriculum changes in Wales, emphasising the 4 educational purpose for the Successful Futures Curriculum in developing

  • ambitious and able learners who are eager to learn throughout their lifetime
  • confident and creative contributors who are willing to play their part fully in life and work.
  • Moral and knowledgeable citizens of Wales and the world.
  • healthy and confident individuals who are ready to live life by achieving their hopes and dreams as valuable members of society.

Emphasis is placed on developing learning dispositions and skills, focusing on Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity and Reflection.