2020 Results Day

This year’s results days are on the following two Thursdays:

  • August 13th – Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level results
  • August 20th – GCSE Results

Despite the concerns about the coronavirus we are very keen to personally welcome the students at the school, to congratulate and discuss the future. But this year, for apparent reasons, we’re going to have to organize the day differently and pay attention to health and safety precautions. A letter was sent to all parents of our examination students in July outlining the arrangements. A copy of the letter can be found here:

We ask you kindly that you adhere to the following:

  • Make sure your child is healthy and free of COVID symptoms 19.
  • Arrive promptly (not early) for your specified time slot.
  • We ask parents to stay in their cars and allow only the pupil to enter the building.
  • In a case where a ‘queue’ is forming outside the pupils are expected to keep a distance of 2m by standing on the designated marks on the floor.

Before gaining full access to the building your child’s temperature will need to be taken. Where a pupil’s temperature is a concern they will be asked to return to the car and receive their results over the phone from a member of staff.

Your child will follow a one-way system through the building and a distance of two meters will be kept continuously.

Where support and advice are required a specialist team will be available to support your child at once.

Parents / guardians will also be able to ask for further guidance with a member of the support team by contacting the school telephone number and arranging a meeting after 12.00pm.


We are aware that all the circumstances this year are different, but we are keen to ensure that the experience is not devalued and that we are here to support and congratulate you along the way.

The school will also be available to explain any queries from students and parents.

We look forward as a school to welcoming our exam students back to us over the next two weeks.