Lost Property

The school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of pupils unless the item(s) have been specifically handed to a member of staff, who has accepted responsibility for their safe-keeping.

To minimise the possibility of property being lost:

  • All pupils and their parents are asked to make sure that all items of clothing and equipment, where possible, are suitably labeled so that lost property can be returned to its owner as soon as possible. Any items found will be kept at either the PE department or a secure store in the Hwb and if the item is labeled a notification on the Sims (School Register System) to notify the owner to collect it.
  • The school does not have lockers, pupils must therefore ensure the personal belongings are kept with them at all times, this includes blazers, school bags and PE bags.
  • Pupils must take responsibility over their uniform when in PE lessons, they must ensure they have all their belongings before leaving the changing rooms and immediately report any missing items to a member of the PE staff.
  • Pupils are asked not to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school.
  • Money and valuable items must never be left unattended in school classrooms, bags or unattended around the school site.

Cleaners will not generally move items of clothing or bags left unattended in classrooms. In the first instance, pupils should retrace their steps should items be lost.

All high value items found such as phones, keys, etc. will be handed into and kept in the Hwb.

Sports kit and equipment will be handed to a member of the PE department. Items may be reclaimed from a member of PE staff.

All lost items brought to the Hwb will be logged, parents are free to contact the school to see if any missing items are recorded.

Mrs Annwen Roberts will be available in the Hwb to assist pupils with the retrieval of lost property. Parents/Guardians who have concerns regarding missing items are most welcome to contact Mrs Annwen Roberts to enquire about lost property.

All unnamed and unclaimed lost property is disposed of at the end of each term and given to charities, except for high value items, which are retained in the Hwb for the academic year.

Any school books or equipment issued to a pupil become their responsibility. If lost they are responsible for replacement.