Immersion Scheme

It’s the perfect time to begin your Welsh education journey

Ysgol Glan Clwyd offers English speaking pupils the chance to become fluent Welsh speakers whilst fully embracing secondary school life. Their journey at Ysgol Glan Clwyd will begin during their last half term of Year 6 when they will join us for an intensive 6 week introductory course to develop their Welsh skills.  If they decide to attend the school they then follow an accelerated special programme of study in Years 7 and 8 and by Year 9 are able to study in Welsh alongside all other pupils.

During their time at secondary school, they will be taught by various subject teachers who have received specialist training in bilingual education and who are sensitive to their needs as learners.

What if my child has no Welsh background?

The Immersion Scheme is specially created with non-Welsh speakers in mind. The intensive course at the end of year 6 is an opportunity to give pupils an effective injection of basic language skills. These skills are then built upon from Year 7 onwards in every area of school life.

What are the advantages for my child by taking part in this project?

Short term advantages

  • Improving fluency in Welsh
  • Promoting the ability to use Welsh in a variety of situations
  • Developing thinking skills
  • Beginning their journey at secondary school in a supportive environment
  • Smaller class sizes with specialist bilingual teachers
  • Opportunities to take part in a variety of extra curricular activities through the medium of Welsh.

Long term advantages

  • A wider range of opportunities in the workplace for young bilingual adults
  • A stronger sense of cultural awareness
  • Opening the doors to learning more languages

How will I know that my child is coping within this situation?

The school has a wealth of experience in late immersion and keeps a constant vigil on pupils’ progress together with regular monitoring of pupils’ performance. Regular contact will be made by the Immersion Scheme Co-ordinator in order to inform parents and guardians of the progress being made throughout the year. The schools use of the Dysgor App (Class Charts) enables parents to track students’ achievements and behaviour in school from day to day.  

Will my child be able to socialise with students from the main stream?

Yes! Any extra curricular activities offered to the main stream students will also be offered to Immersion students. Our Immersion students are members of the rugby and football teams, sing in the choirs, perform on the stage in the Eisteddfod yr Urdd and attend lunchtime clubs.

When will my child transition to the main stream?

During Year 7, most lessons will be taught within the Immersion class with some lessons being taught in mixed classes with the main stream. For the last half term of Year 7, students will join a main stream registration class. The Immersion Scheme is a two year programme, but we understand that all students progress at their own pace therefore, students that are ready can transition gradually anytime during Year 8.


ESTYN 2022

During the 2022 Estyn inspection, the Immersion Scheme was highlighted as a strength within the school;

“The immersion course that supports pupils who transfer from English-medium education at a very late stage to develop their Welsh language skills is highly effective. These pupils receive valuable support and encouragement to ensure that they benefit fully from the school’s life and curriculum.”

” An excellent feature of the school’s work is the swift and successful progress made by pupils who transfer from English-medium education at a late stage in their Welsh language skills. They develop as confident speakers and produce extended written work, which enables them to join the mainstream early in their school life.”   

“A notable feature of the school’s work is the way in which staff develop the Welsh language skills of pupils who transfer from English-medium education as latecomers. Very quickly, these pupils develop as fluent Welsh speakers who are able to study the whole curriculum through the medium of Welsh. “

Below are some comments by pupils, parents and staff who have been involved with the project over the years.

“Before I came I worried about everyone else speaking Welsh and I would be on my own but I’ve made lots of new friends”

“My parents were worried at the start but now they’re pleased that they sent me here”

“I would say you’ve got nothing to lose. At the end of the day you’ve got a child who is fluent in Welsh”

“I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s incredible how they pick the language up”

“It’s a second chance to choose Welsh medium education. It opens a new door for them. It does not only teach them a new language but involves them in Welsh culture”

The immersion programme is a Welsh Government initiative providing pupils with a second chance to develop their linguistic skills and to become confidently bilingual. It has the full support of the Welsh Government and Denbighshire County Council and is part of a national and LA policy.

If you would like to discuss the scheme further please contact the Immersion Scheme Coordinator, Mrs Llio Davies at the school on 01745 582611