The purpose of homework is to check the pupils’ information and understanding by prepare pupils for learning in the classroom. Homework is used to support and develop information and understanding of the pupils by developing independent learners.

KS3 pupils will receive an average of one homework a week in the core subjects and one every 3 lessons in all the other subjects. KS4 pupils will receive an average of one homework a week in all of the subjects (There will be some periods in the year where pupils will be expected to work independently through revision and preparation for internal and external assessments).

Google Classroom 

Homework is set using Google Classroom, which allows parents/guardians to see the tasks which are set. The system is easy to use and allows you to see the tasks as well as tasks which have not been completed by your son/daughter. For further guidance refer to the parental support site using the following link https://sites.google.com/ysgolglanclwyd.co.uk/cymorth-ddigidol-ygc/english/google-for-education
Alternatively you can contact the school directly through  schoolcomms@ysgolglanclwyd.co.uk