We are committed to supporting our learners to have the best possible start in their lives and to create positive experiences for secondary education.
Our primary objective is to safeguard young people and promote and protect their emotional and social well-being. We believe that a happy child is much more likely to succeed and prosper.
Fostering good mental health, as well as good physical health is considered a priority here at Ysgol Glan Clwyd.
We are proud of the pastoral support here at Ysgol Glan Clwyd, and are confident that the dedicated support is in place. We have an effective system of working with external agencies who support us with our learners, ensuring that all children receive the same support.

Who’s Who
The Deputy Head of Wellbeing and Participation is responsible for overseeing and leading all pupil support work and co-ordinating links with external agencies.

An Assistant Headteacher is responsible for supporting pupils from vulnerable groups and co-operating with relevant external agencies. The Assistant Headteacher is the school’s child safeguarding officer. Learn more about Safeguarding at Ysgol Glan Clwyd here.

Progress Leaders – Each year in the school has a Progress Leader, the main focus of progress leaders is to monitor and track the achievement and efforts of the learners in their charge. The Progress leader is responsible for the academic development of the pupils. They are also the school – home link for the pupils in their care.

Welfare and Inclusion Officers – Each year in the school has a designated officer. The main focus of their role is to support learners with any aspect of school life. They are learning coaches who support with school work as well as learners’ wellbeing. They are also at school – home link, and work closely with the progress leaders and outside agencies.

ALN Co-ordinator – If your child has additional learning needs, the ALNCo is responsible for supporting and drawing up an individual development plan (IDP). The ALNCo works closely with parents and external agencies to ensure the best possible provision for learners. Classroom assistants will support where appropriate. Learn More about Additional Learning Needs at Ysgol Glan Clwyd here.

Form Tutors – Each child attends a 20 minute registration period each morning with their form tutor. Here important relationships will be established and a great deal of moral, emotional and academic support work will take place as well as sharing key messages and updating learners on any aspect of school life.

PSE Co-ordinator – All pupils receive Personal and Social Education, the role of the co-ordinator is to ensure that the content of the lessons is purposeful and supports the needs of the curriculum and pupils of Ysgol Glan Clwyd.

Outside Agencies – To ensure the best possible support for your child, we work with a variety of outside agencies. These can help us and the families deal with situations that arise most appropriately. We pride ourselves on the special relationships we have with support agencies.